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HRT and High Blood Pressure

HRT is not recognised as a common cause of high blood pressure. Under normal circumstances there is no reason why someone with high blood pressure should not be treated with HRT.

The fact that you are either considering HRT treatment or already receiving it suggests that you have attained a certain age and as a sensible precaution should already be having your blood pressure checked regularly.

It is a fact that blood pressure rises with age. Research has shown that there is no truth in the suggestion that HRT has a beneficial affect on heart disease.HRT and High Blood Pressure image


The tablets my doctor gave me for high blood pressure are not working – what should I do?

When first diagnosed with high blood pressure it is not unusual to find that the first prescription of drugs is either not strong enough or there are side effects.  



Your blood pressure has reduced but not to the level required. All prescriptive drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure have side effects eg. very vivid dreams that some people find upsetting.

Go back to your doctor. He may replace a tablet, increase the dosage or add another tablet. It is not unusual for patients with high blood pressure to be taking more than one tablet. The purpose of the exercise is to control your blood pressure and whilst it may seem like trial and error it is impossible to predict exactly which drug is most suitable for any individual patient.

Your doctor may have also given you advice on such things as diet and exercise. Failure to follow his advice will only reduce the effectives of your medication....read more about lifestyle changes for hypertension treatment 

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